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Our responsive login template is the perfect solution for the login screen of your website. It has a build in javascript validation that supports 60 languages, two predefined styles, all SASS-files included and loads really fast. Above there are some nice CSS-effects like a CSS flip effect or a CSS wiggle effect if the user not fills out the form fields correctly.

Watch the Demo here:

Eye catching CSS flip effect

If the user hits the „forgot password“ link, the login template flips 180 degrees and shows it’s back with the email input field and a button.

JavaScript Validation for 60 Languages

Of course you always should validate the user data on your server to make sure everything is secure. But before that, you can use the powerful validation functions of jQuery Validate that are included in this nice login template.

It’s a 100% responsive Login Template

The login box is centered in your browser on desktop machines, and fits exactly on mobile screens, too. Any size and any device is possible. All font sizes that are defined in the SASS files are written in „rem“ wich makes it easy to adjust.


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