jQuery toggleContent Plugin



This little jQuery toggleContent plugin will help you save space on your website. You can easily change the height of the text blocks, div containers or other content with a button. An easy-to-adjust color sequence also provides a nice gradient mask effect.

You can simply use the script in your existing website or CMS by including it in the header after jQuery and define some options. Search engines will not hate you, because the script doesn’t use real CSS. Everything will be rendered after the page has been loaded.

It might be a good alternative to Bootstrap Collapse!

Benefits of jQuery toggleContent at a glance

  • jQuery toggleContent saves space on your website
  • Nice gradient „mask“ effect (for solid color background only)
  • Callback-Functions for every action included
  • Multiple blocks on one page possible
  • Easy to adjust with typical jQuery like variables
  • Only 3kb filesize
  • Works with the latest version of jQuery


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