Domain Parking Script PHP Version 2.0

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Our domain parking script is amazingly easy to use! You simply load it into a specific folder on the webspace and redirect all domains to be sold to this folder. The script automatically recognizes and displays the domain name. There is also the possibility to make a fixed entry of the domain name. The visitor can enter his name and e-mail address. This is then sent to the administrator. The domain name is included in the e-mail.

The script has easy-to-configure variables, which can also be easily adjusted by a person without programming knowledge.

An advertisement, e.g. Google AdSense, can be easily integrated with a knowledge in HTML.

Features of the Domain Parking Script Version 2.0

  • Bootstrap 4
    Uses the well known Bootstrap CSS-Framework
  • Contact Form
    Simple and secure contact form with SPAM-protection and validation
  • Domain Auto Detection
    Easily point multiple domains to same script and go
  • 100% Responsive
    Fits to all screen sizes and devices
  • High Google Page Speed
    Nothing is blocking speed, since everything is well organized in only one file
    (Bootstrap needs to be locally hosted for 100% pagespeed!)
  • Google Analytics Ready
    Integrated Google Analytics Tracking, simply insert your Tracking-ID
  • Easy to adjust variables
    You can adjust all variables easy and without knowledge of coding or HTML

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need this script?
    If you own many domains, it is a pity if they do not have any use. Why not offer to purchase, or make money with it? With our domain parking script this is very easy.
  • But I can redirect all domains to another website
    Yes you can, as long as you redirect to another domain, too. If you point many domains to the same website, Google will recognize so called „duplicate content“ and this is very bad for your SEO-Ranking. Think about this, please -)
  • Can I add advertising to make money with Domain Parking?
    Yes of course! With a little knowledge of HTML, you can easily add e.g. Google AdSense ads or any other script to display ads.


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